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Authority Email Marketing – Before You Start

Email is a vitally important marketing channel, but it’s also often overlooked because it is a lot of work to get right, and unfortunately it is easy to set yourself up to fail even before you start. As with many things in online marketing, getting started with the content and copywriting side of email marketing […]

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Authority Email Marketing: Email Marketing for Getting More Authority, Loyalty, and Sales

Email Marketing, as the name suggests, is using email to distribute your marketing messages, but it is way more than that when done correctly. What is Email Marketing? Traditionally you would start an email list, such as a newsletter, and send regular messages to this list (tips, news, and links), along with occasional products or […]

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Marketing Funnels 101 (AKA Why You Need Your Own Website)

Recently I have been having a lot of conversations with the marketing community within Hive, especially around the need for your own front end website rather than relying on your Peakd/Ecency/Leo etc blog. One of the major reasons you need your own website, outside of the vital branding aspects, is to have the ability to […]

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Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing

Want to get started making more money online today? There are a few ways this is possible, but I believe the best all-around is affiliate marketing. Give me five minutes and I will tell you why and show you how to get started. What is Affiliate Marketing Unlike regular online businesses, affiliates sell or recommend […]

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10 Steps to Content Entrepreneurship

I want you to make money by sharing the benefit of your experience, your ideas, your knowledge, and your expertise, and I am sharing what I have learned from almost thirty years of online publishing in the Authority Bloggers community. Yes, almost thirty years. My first personal website went online in 1994. Before that, I […]

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How Authority Makes You More Money, with More Certainty, and Faster

I was working on the mastermind training for my private group that I deliver every other Friday, and it occurred to me what a diverse set of characters we had attracted. We are talking about all ages, genders, backgrounds, education, businesses, nationalities, you name it. The only thing we all have in common is that we meet […]

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Why Nobody Reads Your Articles Plus How To Fix Them

“Why do I work so hard and get very few readers while it seems they can put any old poop out there and go viral?”. Ever felt this way? It’s one of the first things coaching clients would ask me to help them with. On Hive it can feel even worse when you see someone […]

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3 Powerful Ways to Ethically Maximize Your Hive Earnings, Faster

If you have a lot of liquid fiat cash then maximizing Hive earnings is a lot easier. Most of us are not in that situation so we need to work harder for our rewards. Today I want to share how you can work harder AND smarter, to maximize the rewards you get from Hive while […]

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